R.J. Zayed v. Peregrine Financial Group, Inc., 12-cv-269 (D. Minn.)

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Chief Judge Davis administratively closed the Receiver’s lawsuit against PFG after regulators filed civil fraud charges against the company in July 2012 and the company, in turn, filed for bankruptcy. The Receiver has now filed his claims in the PFG bankruptcy proceedings and is awaiting the bankruptcy trustee’s response. The Receiver will post more information about the status of his claims when it becomes available.

Status Reports Filed by the Receiver



July 13, 2012

Order Administratively Terminating Action

July 12, 2012

Notice of Filing Bankruptcy and Automatic Stay

June 22, 2012

February 28, 2012




April 2, 2012







April 16, 2012

Memorandum Opinion and Order

PFG Motion to Transfer Venue

Memorandum in Support

Declaration of Susan O'Meara

Exhibits A-C
Exhibits D-E
Exhibit F
Exhibit G
Exhibit H
Exhibits I-J

Receiver's Response Memorandum in Opposition

Declaration of Rachel Fleishman

Exhibits A-E

Declaration of Joseph Kaczrowski

Exhibit A

Declaration of Tara Norgard

Exhibit A

PFG's Reply Memorandum in Support

Declaration of Susan O'Meara

February 1, 2012